107 Bad Ass Dragon Tattoos for Him n Her

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107 Killer Dragon Tattoos that you need in your life!

Please find here a collection of the best of the best dragon tattoos that will sure to give you inspiration for your next fire breathing dragon tattoo design!

Key facts to consider before getting dragon tattoos:

Dragons! They are amazing mythical creatures that fly and breathe fire! Why would you not want a dragon tattoo? Generally  speaking there are four types of dragon used in tattoos. Chinese dragons, Japanese dragons, Celtic dragons and medieval dragons. Chinese dragon tattoo shows the meaning of wisdom and goodwill, and also know to give good luck. Celtic dragon tattoo shows power and strength. Japanese dragon tattoo shows a balanced lifestyle. Medieval dragon tattoo show the love of mythology and folklore, these dragons are found and more popular in European country’s. Dragons are known for their power, strength and bravery. Think about these key traits before getting a tattoo involving dragons!

Are dragon tattoos suitable for both men and woman?

Yes, dragon tattoos are very popular in both men and woman the world over. For men a dragon tattoo would symbolize strength and power. For woman they can also symbolize strength but are generally feminine/soft looking dragons. They can also carry a spiritual meanings, as well as intelligence and compassion.

Wheres the best place to get a dragon tattoo?

You could place this type of tattoo anywhere on the body but two common places would be the back and the chest. Dragon tattoos make great large pieces so a common place would is usually the back. Of course, this all depends on the various shape and size of the tattoo that you choose. The arm will always be a very popular place for any tattoo design including dragons. A lot of people like large dragons on their body so the back and chest give the best option for this. And of course, a dragon as part of a arm sleeve would be a great addition. But as you’ll see from our selection below, there a lots of places on the body you can place a dragon tattoo and they all look great!

Dragon Tattoos on armAwesome red dragon ripping through flesh dragon tattoo idea. Great upper arm tattoo.

Dragon Tattoos Back Beautiful black ink dragon tattoo design on a girls upper back.

Small Dragon Tattoos AnkleClever use of a dragons shape on this ankle dragon tattoo. Blacks and greys used to good effect here.

Amazing Dragon TattoosStunning Chinese red dragon tattoo design on a girls back. Very bright and vibrant dragon tattoo designs.

dragon tattoos-half-arm-sleeve

Awesome dragon tattoo as part of a guys  half sleeve tattoo. In black ink.


Beautiful red dragon  tattoo with a dragger on a girls back. Crazy dragon tattoos with lots of details.

Dragon Tattoos tribal

A simple tribal dragon tattoo design. This dragon would look great on any part of the body.

Green Dragon Tattoos

Green Japanese dragon tattoos on a man’s chest. Cool piece that cover the whole pectoral muscle.

Dragon Tattoos on Foot

Small dragon tattoos on a girls foot. This just shows you that you can put your dragon tattoo anywhere!

Torso Dragon Tattoos

Huge Japanese dragon tattoo in black ink on a man’s torso.

Dragon Tattoos hands

Chinese dragon tattoos on a man’s hand. This is one bad ass tattoo!

Celtic dragon tattoos

Celtic dragon tattoo. This is a good example of a Celtic dragon tattoo design with also involves Celtic cross.

japanese dragon tattoos designs

Large imposing medieval dragon tattoo design that covers the whole of a man’s back.


Small dragon tattoo on the top of a girls hip. Just shows you that dragon tattoos can literally be put anywhere.

Flying Dragon Tattoos

Flying dragon tattoo design on a girls arm.

dragon tattoos chest

Scary looking dragon tattoo design on a man’s chest and arm.

3D Dragon Tattoos

3D effect dragon tattoos will look great on any part of the body.

Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoo idea on a man’s chest and continues on the arm.

chinese dragon tattoos

Crazy detail in this Chinese dragon tattoo. Lots of yellow and red makes the tattoo pop!

Huge DragonTattoos

Dragon tattoo sent in by one of our fans. Cool looking dragon tattoos on a man’s back.

Dragon tattoos Shaped Heart

Different idea for two dragon tattoos but shows you to think outside of the box.


Amazing detailed Chinese dragon tattoo idea on a girls back.

Dragon Tattoos Sleeve

Dragon sleeve tattoo idea. Its so easy to base and arm sleeve tattoo solely on dragon tattoos.

Dragon Tattoos Design on Arm

Asian dragon tattoo design in black ink on a girls arm.

Dragon Tattoos on Chest

Beautiful Japanese dragon tattoo idea on a man’s chest. Ripping through the flesh.

Welsh Dragon tattoos

Welsh dragon tattoo design on a man’s arm. Very vibrant red dragon!

Dragon Tattoos hand

Another dragon tattoo on a man’s hand. If your looking for a hand tattoo consider a dragon!

Dragon Tattoos Girls

Lovely looking dragon tattoo design on a girls thigh. Dragons on legs is another great placement.

Hip Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos on a hip is a great idea for girls.


This is the tattoo from the popular 2011 movie “Girl with the dragon tattoo”

Dragon Tattoos

Sleeve tattoo with green Japanese dragon.

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